Terms of use of the site

Terms and Conditions:

1- Do not post ads or topics that violate the teachings of the Islamic religion and the laws in force in the United Arab Emirates and that the website is not responsible for what is posted and the site will inform the relevant official authorities if necessary and delete the advertisement.

2 – Do not fraud, and fraud by the advertiser and his commitment to what is posted.

3- Do not underestimate the price of the value of any commodity by the user.

4- Do not public and private abuse by advertisers and users.

5- Whoever sells or markets counterfeit or counterfeit goods or merchandise via websites or social media sites is in violation of the anti-commercial fraud and electronic trading system, and is subject to penalties that may amount to imprisonment and financial fine.

Acknowledgment and undertaking:

1- The site undertakes not to side with one party or another, whether it is between an advertiser and another advertiser or user and another user or advertiser and user or vice versa.

2- The advertiser or seller undertakes not to do more than one account and not to use them to manipulate prices.

3- The user undertakes not to do more than one account and not to use them to promote, raise or reduce the value of a good.

4- Everyone who uses this site undertakes not to post prohibited advertisements on the site.